The season of life when you are single is one that should be enjoyed as God works in you to bring you to a place of maturity. As you focus on Him and what He has for you, you will find fulfillment.


At RCC, we hold special events for our singles to come together and be strengthened through the Word and fellowship with one another. We put a strong emphasis on being ‘whole’ in the midst of being single. Getting married doesn’t make you whole, it is about two whole people coming together to make one ‘whole’.


For Upcoming Events Contact: Tammy Rivera (410) 882-2217


The best way to prepare for marriage is to serve God whole heartedly while you’re single. Our desire is to help teach people how to be successful while they are single and to best prepare them if marriage is in their future. When the time comes for you to get married, we offer a special six-week pre-marriage class which is designed to help you and your future spouse establish your marriage on a strong foundation.


For Pre-marriage Class Information Contact: Tammy Rivera (410) 882-2217