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The 19th Day of the First Month, 1997
This started it all! Bishop Bart Pierce, his wife Coralee, and evangelist Tommy Tenney returned from Brownsville, Flordia. God declared to envade Rock City Church. The alter floor was strewn with repentant hearts...

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Bread for the Nations
Evangelist Tommy Tenney teaches about the bread of His presence, the bread of the tabernacle of Moses. Bread has been the prophetic symbol of God's favor with His people. Whenever He returned to Isreal there was bread in the house.

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Healing for our City
Jesus' prayer for the unity comes alive in this video! Pastors of various denominations form all over Baltimore have their hearts touched by God's presence and they humble themselves to one another, submitting and uniting in the Spirit of the Lord.

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Cracking the Hard Shell of Washington, DC
Culminating from a prophecy from Rick Ridings in 1998, a gathering of congregations from Baltimore and Hampton, Virginia, unite their prayers, praise, and worship to crack the hard spiritual shell over our nations capital.

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Spiritual Authority Parts 5,6,7

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