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Steps to Victory in Your Finances
This is an incredible work book that you can use to get victory in your finances. It can be used as material to conduct a financial class in your church, or to just get victory in your own life. Learn about budgeting, investing, & so much more. There is even a section on ObamaCare. Learn what you to know to succeed. Revisions and updates are available every April & October.

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Ministry Operation Manual (The Green Book)
This book is referred to as the green book. It shows how the ministry is organized and how systems are in place.

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First Principles
Get your hands on the basic foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. This 19 lesson series is a key for believers to walk together in truth according to Amos 3:3

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Follow Up Ministry
"Operation Barnabas" is a powerful tool for you to use to reach out and connect with new people that visit your church. We need to see fruit that remains.

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Prison Ministry
As the church we are called to reach the lost and those in prison. This manual will give you a clear strategy as to how you can do it.

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The Hiding Place
There is such a need to take care of women in crisis and their unborn children. The Hiding Place has had over 900 babies born while ladies have been living in the house. Get his manual and find out how to do it.

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Christian Youth Athletics
Learn how to start your own Christian Sports League. Competition is important and learning how to play and win at sports has far reaching impact.

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Adopt A Block
This is a multi-faceted outreach program with the goal being to change a city block by block. We've been conducting block parties in Baltimore for over 20 years.

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A Can Can Make A Difference
Learn how to run a food distribution center. Can Can Make A Difference (CCMAD) is the largest food distribution center of its kind in Maryland.

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Porters, Ushers, & Greeters
Get instruction on how to set up these temple ministries in your church. Everything should be done in decency and in order.

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