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Cover Me in the Day of Battle
Many of God’s called leaders are quitting or falling away in this day. Many are weary, tired, overwhelmed and snared by satan’s traps. We need fathers - those who will provide encouragement, protection and covering to these leaders. We need fathers to arise and cover their sons and we need sons to rise up and honor and submit to their fathers.

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Ministering to an Audience of One- CD
2 CD's for the price of one! All music written and recorded live from the Rock City Church sanctuary.

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Seeking Our Brothers
Do you want to make a difference? In his book, Seeking Our Brothers, Bart Pierce challenges us to climb out of our comfort zone, capture the compassion of the Lord Jesus and confront the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ! “This book will rip your heart right out! Rarely have I seen authentic compassion, the power and the presence of God, and integrity wedded together in one package. But that is exactly what I have found at Rock City Church in Baltimore–contagious, authentic Christianity under the leadership of Bart Pierce. Read this book and you will be moved to action!” James W. Goll Ministry to the Nations Author, The Lost Art of Intercession and Father Forgive Us!

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The Bribe
Now Available! Bishop Bart Pierce’s latest book: In this masterful book, Bart Pierce exposes the greatest scandal in history. He chronicles the radical plot of supernatural forces to silence the voices of truth. Over two millennia ago, a Roman soldier and “The Bribe of Great Price” spawned the greatest cover up in history. This book is definitely a page-turner for every believer, seeker and conspiracy theorist alike. It is an unforgettable journey!

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